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Tell Me How You Lived ~ drabble

Welp, first Pandora Hearts fanfiction. kjsagdsh this latest chapter was so... ;; This whole arc askjfsag. *Sits*

Tell Me How You Lived

Summary: Elliot doesn't blame, neither does he regret.

Pairings: None~

Genre: Friendship

Rating: T

Warnings: Uhm. Sadness and mentions of blood and death? And SPOILERS for up to chapter 59, this is the last warning.

Disclaimer: I don't own Pandora Hearts or Elliot or Leo or any of the characters. They are the amazing creations of Mochizuki Jun.

Leo is the one who made this happen, Elliot isn't going to deny it.

Oh god, Japan. Need to get this off my chest

I’m praying and crossing my fingers for Japan right now, and I hope you are too.

Today, I was linked to this image and what people are saying is making me so enraged. I don’t even know where to start.

To think that people throw away their humanity like this, throw away their compassion and regard for another human being, over something that happened seventy years ago to a military base during a war. Yes, what happened to Pearl Harbor was tragic, innocent people died and it was uncalled for, an attack no one was prepared for. It was unfair, it was cold, it was a really damn asshole move. It was a tragedy and it didn’t need to happen.

This incident was made to an excuse to send nuclear bombs onto two cities, Nagasaki and Hiroshima. We all know of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, right? The attack pushed Japan to surrender sooner, it helped stop what little was left of World War II altogether, but it wasn’t necessary. But this attack was a tragedy as well; perhaps not entirely uncalled for, but not necessary. The bombs killed innocent people, ruined the genes for generations to come, planted great imprints on the Japanese people. The damage was greater than that which was made on Pearl Harbor. Perhaps you could call this karma, or revenge.

But even with this, people have the nerve to claim that Japan deserves to be struck by such a disaster, that they deserve to have hundreds, thousands, of their people killed, thousands, ten-thousands, of people going missing. Loved ones; family, mothers, daughters, sons, friends, lovers, husbands. Innocent good people. People have the nerve to claim that those who have nothing to do with the unfair attack on Pearl Harbor deserve to die, to suffer, under the hands of mother nature. Have the nerve to claim that ”God hasn’t forgotten Pearl Harbor”, to back up their opinions with Him, claiming to know they know what He thinks, if He thinks at all about this.

I’m European; Japan was in alligance with the people, with the country, who was the cause of the war that occured mainly in my part of the world, the cause of millions of people being murdered in cold blood for being gay, jewish, black, or in any way seen as unworthy of being alive because they weren’t seen as real people, the cause of people being herded like animals and treated as less. I do not think Japan in any way deserves to be hit by such a tragedy. There is nothing wrong with me for not caring about Pearl Harbor in this situation.

Unlike what someone said, Japan did not start World War II. Hitler, Germany, started World War II by invading Poland.

How about you people that think Japan deserves this, who say it’s ”karma” for Pearl Harbor, how about you imagine your city was hit by a horrible earthquake and a tsunami, and aftershock after aftershock still stronger than the majority of earthquakes, how about you imagine that. There would be Japanese people praying for you, there would be Japanese people wanting to send you aid whether the country itself does it or not. There would also probably be Japanese people acting like asses just like you. Japanese people who would have just as much reason - that is none - to go ”fuck those Americans, this is KARMA for Nagasaki and Hiroshima, take that!”

And if you have such hard trouble seeing these people as what they are; people, then how about this: there are Americans, and other non-Japanese people in Japan, some of them are probably missing or dead. Is this natural disaster looking so wonderfully righteous now?

Obama is helping these people because he’s a good person, because he cares for people, not countries’ issues from the past.

This lack of consideration for fellow human beings sickens me. These innocent people are dying and disappearing, these innocent people are losing their loved ones, these innocent people are having their whole lives torn to shreds, beaten to splinters, over something that they have no control of. They are people, just like you and me, some of them probably haven’t hurt a fly, some of them have a family to take care of, some of them have horrible lives just made worse. They are suffering, their realities and existences were changed completely thanks to a strong earthquake that lasted a couple of minutes but tore apart everything they once knew.

They are people just like you and me. They’re not worth any less because of something their country did that they had no part in. They are not bad people, they do not deserve this.

This is not karma, this is not God’s justice. This is tragedy.
OT4 <3

Because I Love You ~ Drabbles

So I submitted these yesterday but it was too late and I had to go to bed sooo I'm spreading it around today instead.

Title: Because I Love You

Summary: A certain day isn't needed to let someone know you really love them, but it could be an alright push. Collection of drabbles with several characters, not all romantic.

Pairings: LaviYu and AllenLena, the rest is all platonic~

Genre: Friendship, Romance

Rating: K+

Warnings: ...nothing in particular, I don't think. Cuteness? Road?

Disclaimer: I don't own DGM, Hoshino Katsura does, that lovely, horrible woman.

"She gives them all gifts anyway and tells them how much she loves them."


...hi guys. I got sucked into RP and am not keeping up with my f-list at all. 8D

Late merry christmas and happy new year and everything nice like that, etc etc~~ I have fics I need to write, and read, lmaaooo.

How are you all doing?

The Last Airbender

You know, that live-action movie of the Nickelodeon TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender? Yeah, the one that was said to be one of the worst movies ever or something. Watched that yesterday, for the lulz. Sadly, it's easy to make it not-lulzy because it's almost too bad to be lulzy.

It was a... very short movie. o_O One hour and forty minutes, approximately. I just can't help but wonder what made them think they could successfully squeeze in twenty episodes worth of TV show in that short amount of time. It's always a tricky thing to do something like that but half an hour extra would have done a LOT and maybe like that they could have squeezed in some of the fun times that define the characters. Although the characters are so srs bzns that I really have to wonder if that would be possible for the writers to do since it's a bit sad how they interpreted the characters.

I really boggle at how much they screwed them up. I mean, it was a TV show how can you mess it up so bad? Sure if you want to put an own quirk to the story and characters but really, changing them so drastically into such unlike versions of themselves... isn't the same. That's just bad writing. They're all the same kind of character in this movie and Avatar isn't like that.

Aang has a cute actor and all that does pull off his looks but I can't see it as Aang because there's practically nothing Aang about him. Aang is a bundle of derpy cute childishness with a hint of wisdom that shows when it's needed but is still executed in a way that shows he's still a child. He's not completely serious and definitely not quiet and solemn all the time. Where are the games, the random rides on crazy animals, the way he flails about things? When he was escaping some firebender boat and a bunch of firebenders were coming at him I was expecting him to go like "uh-oh", but it never came and he just looked badass when facing them and...

...I'm sorry, Paramount, but Aang is not badass. Not like that. He's badass in his own cute, derpy way and we love him for it. The only scene where I could actually see the TV show Aang and not the movie's own boring version of him was when he was hiding behind Zuko's back and moved with him.

I gotta give the actor kudos for his scream when Aang found the remains of his fellow airbenders, though. That was cool.

And Sokka... They really could not have fucked Sokka up any worse. That was not Sokka at all. Sokka is a flaily and over-the-top character who is serious business in a flaily and overdramatic way that just makes him look stupid. He flips out over the tiniest of things and is a pretty big pessimist in a lot of ways, he snaps easily, has crazy body language and makes crazy faces. That cool, collected and srs srs Sokka in the movie is not Sokka at all.

And when he walked in the North Pole with the princess... Made me think of Anakin and Padmé and I... don't think that's a good thing because Sokka isn't Anakin, goddamnit. I don't think I would say Yue is like Padmé either, no. They're their own characters, kthx. Although Yue is a bit like the kind of characters they tossed into the movie so she wasn't entirely fail, I guess.

Following up with Katara... It saddens me that this movie basically slaughtered the dynamics between Sokka and Katara. The way Katara bounces off Sokka is special and unlike how she bounces off anyone else and it's special, not like that. Because of how Sokka is, they ruined Katara too. This is not cool. Oh, and Katara gets angry okay? There wasn't anything for her to scold in Sokka so why she didn't do that is understandable, yeah, though still fail, but damn it where the hell were the hateful glares when she faced Zuko? She has them! Wipe that anxious expression off her face and replace them with a nice glare and you get Katara, alright. Thank you.

Iroh... Oh, Iroh. Nevermind how it doesn't at all look like you (at least make an effort to find him a round actor! D: Or, well, maybe they did, but yeah), where's the laid-back attitude? They pulled off the calmness and wisdom he has but there was a great lack of those lovely Iroh-smiles and his wish to drink tea and play games instead of getting caught up in hunting the Avatar like Zuko. There was nothing of that part in him and that saddens me because that's what makes Iroh Iroh, and what makes him so loveable.

And where's Zuko's ranting of his pride and his destiny and how much his life depends on him finding the Avatar? There wasn't all that much of it in there. Where's his manic obsession with capturing Aang, his craziness and his disrespect towards Iroh?

(Also, Azula is too cute there at the end, really. She doesn't look evil enough. Sure, maybe that's being picky, and maybe the actor is good I do not know but you could at least make an effort to make her look  more evil. Like, I dunno, with make-up?)

Paramount, the characters aren't all calm and collected. They're flaily, laid-back, crazy, obsessed, insane and loveable characters that are all individual and amazing. You've taken away all their quirks and put others in their place to... I dunno, make them cooler? They're cool because of their quirks and derpyness and crazyness and they develop into more calm and mature as the movie goes on but they still don't lose their quirks. With your versions, where's the room for character development?

There is none. Barely. They're not supposed to act as if they've been through a lot of the war already, or as if they're at the end of the series even if they're too mature even if you look at it like that. Paramount, you have utterly failed to capture the feel of the characters and what they make "Avatar: The Last Airbender" be in terms of awesome. You've failed to capture what it is that makes us love Avatar as much as we do. This isn't Avatar or even close to it, this is not a live-action movie version of the TV show. This is its own story that has stolen the idea from the show and beaten it into being what they want and completely dismissing what was already there.

The effects were often nice, I liked the dragon Aang met in Avatar mode or whatever, and the bending was often nice but a bit inconsistent and a lot of fail in a lot of ways. Tiny little things required like a bazillion dance moves or wavey handmotions, such as like idk seven earth benders making a like five seconds long dance to move a tiny rock. Like. What is that crap? While the bigger things usually just required a sharp and obvious motion with your arms or something. And just. No.

And firebenders being unable to create fire from air? Errrr. Because they felt it would be overpowered? The Fire Nation managed to wipe out the airbenders and conquer all of those villages for a goddamn reason. They are powerful, that's the thing. Forcing them to have to have fire nearby them is just wrooong. They're not intimidating that way! It makes them look silly.

*Takes a deep breath*

Not worth the watch. It was utterly fail and not at all like the Avatar we know and love. I fear for the next movie when they'll bring in Toph. I don't want to see how they'll screw her up. Hell if I know if I'll even bother to watch that. Maybe I'll spare myself the pain.

But knowing myself, I wouldn't really count on that. |D;;

And I'm done.

Birthday fics ahoy~

So here comes two late birthday fics for BloodReaper on DGD and for our very own dementiamorphea . ♥

Title: Simply Sneaky

Summary: Road makes a deal with Allen, but it doesn't go quite as he expected.

Pairing: None

Genre: -

Rating: T

Warnings: Road being Road, slight violence.

Disclaimer: DGM and its characters do not belong to me, but Hoshino Katsura~

"You said you wouldn't hurt them!"

Title: Checked Blankets

Summary: Lavi prepares a... uh. "Picnic" in an unused room of the Order.

Pairing: LaviYu

Genre: Romance

Rating: T

Warnings: ...sap? Cuteness? Stupidness? Uhm, a bit of an abrupt ending?

Disclaimer: DGM belongs to Hoshino Katsura, not me~

Even when actually romantic he still managed to be forceful.

Ahh, first day of school, gotta love those




At least, through my experience.

So I didn't have to be at school at 2 PM. Got up at 9.30 AM to get a lot of time during the morning to relax and, well, I did no worries. Made sure I had everything I needed and the like, so far so good. At 12.21 PM I left the appartment to go down, get the bike and go to mum's to get something before catching the train.

I got down and looked for the bike and there was no bike. I figured that, oh well, it must be at mum's then. I figured I just forgot where I put it and was stupid for not making sure it was at dad's before. So I rushed off to walk to the train-station, knowing I wouldn't have the time to stop by mum's anyway, but it was lucky that I had planned to or I would totally have missed the train since if I hadn't left earlier than usual I wouldn't have had the time to walk to the station, no way.

Got to school and it was nice seeing all the classmates again. We got two new ones as well. I ended up getting cheered on by the class to become the class represantative together with one of the others, so here I am, class representative. Not really a big deal, just going to keep the class updated on what happens in school and attend to meetings and the like.

Spent some time in town with a friend while I waited for the train to arrive at the station. It was nice, yeah, we looked at hot guys and the like (omg, yeah, Toss actually does that) and she pointed out how we were back to usual. I love her~ <3

Then I got home and headed to mum's three minutes away from the station to grab the bike. Only to find that there was no bike.

So my bike has been stolen.

Siiiiiigh. Which means walking forty minutes every day when I'm at dad's instead of biking for twenty. I'm a little bit annoyed but... mostly pretty dumbfounded.

But I'm okay, yeah. Just... Screw the world and its people, honestly. It sucks. And then there are those awesome people that make the world worth living in, yup. I'm annoyed but it's no big deal.